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    The Snake River Regional Multiple Listing Service is THE localized search tool for accurate, up to date information for local real estate. We at the Snake River Regional MLS want to provide a high quality experience for our community when searching for property in Eastern Idaho. We provide consumers with a the best current technologies to make sure that their local search experience results in the accurate exchange of information; with our site we feel we empower our community and consumers with the tools they need to accomplish their property search goals.

    Some sites boast about the large amount of information they have, but too often the information is inaccurate or out dated and in today’s competitive market that type of service is simply not acceptable. We at the Snake River Regional MLS strive to keep the professionalism and integrity alive and well in the real estate industry. We will never capture your contact information and sell you as a lead to anyone, for any reason, ever. This site was created to be a free, private, safe resource to the community and your one-stop-shop to find local real estate.

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